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Specializing in Worldview English materials for Christian classrooms, homeschools, and Bible Studies, Aimee also creates book study and writing resources. 

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Celebrate the Protestant Reformation!

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Click to the left to download Martin Luther Hymn Study: Rhetorical Devices for FREE.

Dig deep into the theology of Martin Luther's classic hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" by analyzing the rhetorical question, irony, and contrast. These engaging worksheets feature a Hebrew word study, charting, defending a statement, bubble mapping, scripture look-up, and a QR Code enrichment activity.


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Click to the left to preview Luther the Leader Study Guides PLUS Protestant Reformation Terminology Activities.

In 1517, Martin Luther nailed a document to the door of his church and changed the history of the world. Experience or review God's providence in the Protestant Reformation with your students using Virgil Robinson's classic Luther biography Luther the Leader along with these classroom or homeschool activities.

AMF Lit Devices Cover.JPG

Click to the left to preview Martin Luther Hymn Study: Literary Devices PLUS Comparison Texts. 

Make literature meaningful by analyzing metaphors, alliteration, and rhyme scheme in Martin Luther's treasured "A Mighty Fortress" hymn. This 10 page resource includes BONUS MATERIAL: comparison activities to two historic texts, the 1868 translation of the hymn and Anne Bradstreet's classic Colonial poem "Upon the Burning of Our House".

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Click to the left to preview The Narnia Code Prezi.

The Prezi's 100 colorful slides are all you need to share Michael Ward's amazing discovery, but Student Worksheets and a Discussion Guide are included for teachers who want to guarantee audience interaction. ​ In 2003, Michael Ward discovered C.S. Lewis's hidden planetary framework for The Chronicles of Narnia series. Each book is themed after one of the seven Pre-Copernican planets (the planets seen by the naked eye before the invention of the telescope). Bring the thrill of this discovery to your classroom or family, enticing your audience to read Ward's books!

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Click to the left to preview the Revisiting Narnia resource

Many of the theological concepts C.S. Lewis presented in his books for adults appear in The Chronicles of Narnia. Though young children connect with the robust imagery, likeable characters, and satisfying plot lines of the stories, older students can more deeply internalize the theological concepts Lewis buried in plain sight.  This 4-page collection of instant, open-ended writing and discussion prompts covers all seven Chronicles of Narnia and is designed for use in high school classrooms but is also appropriate for teen and adult Bible study groups.  Three kinds of prompts provide a variety of valuable springboards for writing and thinking through each of Lewis's seven stories.


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Click to the left to preview A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23.

This 8-page comprehensive study guide to W. Phillip Keller's insightful classic A SHEPHERD LOOKS AT PSALM 23 is designed for high school classrooms and Bible study groups. The study guide's short answer, chart work, quote completion, scripture look-up, and application questions deepen the reader's engagement with the text and provide a framework for group discussion. I use Keller's book in my high school Worldview English classroom with much success. As a former shepherd himself, Keller shows how the psalm's vivid symbols apply to personal Christian life and thought. Students comment that they never could have imagined all of the meaning packed into Psalm 23's six-verse extended metaphor. A five-page answer key provides classroom teachers with a point-value suggestion for easy scoring.


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